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A delightfully refreshing Elixir that is loaded with Turmeric and Ginger from our farm. Highly concentrated (no added water), so a little goes a long way (1 Tbsp per serving). Enjoy with seltzer, in hot or cold tea, as a cocktail mixer. Makes a delicious salad dressing (with or without oil). Turmeric, Ginger and Cayenne’s potential  benefits can be readily found

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Ingredients: Organic Lemon Juice, Honey, Freville Farm Turmeric, Freville Farm Ginger, Freville Farm Cayenne Pepper.


8OZ, 16OZ

  1. roythorn1 (verified owner)

    Wow! This is intense flavor, very very good. I use it in smoothies with blackberries, banana and protein powder. It’s really nice as a salad dressing also. As advertised, a little goes a long way.

  2. Anthony Vengrove (verified owner)

    I just received my first bottle and can tell you that I’m an instant lifetime fan. Aaron’s Elixir is full of delicious flavor that is best enjoyed straight, in my opinion. The ginger and turmeric are nicely balanced and held in check by the lemon juice and honey. I take a spoonful once a day and savor every second of it. I can’t imagine diluting all its magnificence by adding it to a glass of water! But that’s just me. I also enjoy it as a salad dressing ingredient.

  3. Serena Mulhern (verified owner)

    It was great! I got a sampler for my husband around the holidays and we ordered a new bottle (LARGE THIS TIME) once it was available as a house-gift for visiting friends this month.
    Great flavor: not too sweet but full of gingery goodness. This is great mixer and tonic. It is unlike anything else you have in your kitchen and once you try it, you will be waiting until the next batch brews to order some more!

  4. kmoruzin (verified owner)

    Aaron’s Elixir is a blend of locally sourced ingredients. The spice of ginger and turmeric is balanced nicely by lemon juice and honey. I love it mixed with seltzer. Also nice to mix into an adult cocktail as well! Highly recommended, you won’t be disappointed!

  5. LaDon Whitley (verified owner)

    It took me a day or so to get used to the flavor probably because I’d never had turmeric before but now it doesn’t bother me a bit & I take it straight. The very first thing I noticed was that my morning headaches are no more and now I am noticing that it seems to be helping the arthritis in my hands as I can crochet for longer periods of time. I’d much rather take the Elixir than some OTC med. knowing where this comes from and that it’s all natural. I highly recommend this product!

  6. pnklde (verified owner)

    The flavor of Aaron’s Elixir is bold, smooth, and healthy. Each one of my orders from Freeville Farm consists of at least one large bottle. As the description states, it does go a long way. I love to add it to seltzer! So refreshing, suitable for any time of the year! I love that the ingredients are truly local, all being grown right here in my hometown of Pawling, New York.

  7. ljbetn (verified owner)

    Medicine for body, mind, and soul, period. Seriously that good.

  8. Lise McGrew (verified owner)

    I love the elixir. I can drink it as is or add to a drink knowing i am getting pure heath benefits. And its tasty!

  9. gonecountrynot (verified owner)

    I cannot live without this! Well I could but I just wouldn’t be as happy or feel as healthy. I enjoy the kick from the tasty ingredients and I find myself adding it to so many different liquids. I haven’t found a bad combo yet.

  10. Alissa Klotz (verified owner)

    Delicious! I’ve only added my elixir to my fruit smoothies so far and have loved the spicy flavor! I’ll be trying it in different things for sure!

  11. Sol Levin (verified owner)

    Good for your body and good for your soul ⚜️

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