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Single Spices


Freeze dried single spices from our gardens. Freeze drying retains more flavor and potency of the herb/spice in comparison to standard drying methods.

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Single Spices - Turmeric

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Single Spices - French Shallots

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Single Spices - Granulated Garlic

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Single Spices - Powdered Garlic

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Various Freville Farm Freeze Dried Single Spices


Turmeric, French Shallots, Granulated Garlic, Powdered Garlic

  1. Lise McGrew (verified owner)

    I used the shallots on an herb butter slow roast and they plumped up and were so delicious and fresh. Their herbs are whole, unprocessed and full of flavor, not like the crumbly stuff you buy at the grocery store

  2. LaDon Whitley (verified owner)

    I just used the French Shallots in Herb Butter for gifts and the smell is amazing. They added that “thing” I had been missing.

  3. loristevensen (verified owner)

    The turmeric is great! I put it in to my 89 year old Mommas food to give her the benefits of this wonderful herb!!!!

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